Vernissage de lauréate Strathbutler, Herménégilde Chiasson à Centre des arts et de la culture Dieppe
New CBC documentary on Strathbutler Artist Brigitte Clavette
2019 Sheilas Application Guidelines
New book on Strathbutler Artist Thaddeus Holownia
2019 Strathbutler Award Application Guidelines
Strathbutler artist, Chiasson solo exhibition at Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation

... where artists are supported, understood and valued.

The Foundation

In Sheila’s spirit, we are working to make NB a province where artists are supported, understood and valued.

The Foundation cannot and does not seek to replace the responsibility of the federal and provincial governments, nor the work of public institutions or professionals who work in the visual arts sector. But we can and wish to be active partners in opening new avenues, exploring new initiatives and enriching existing resources.

Louise Imbeault, President of the Board of Directors

  • Awards
    For the recognition of excellence in the visual arts.

  • Scholarships
    For the support and encouragement of visual arts education.

  • Grants
    For encouraging the development of the visual arts in New Brunswick.

  • Arts Advocacy
    For the creation, promotion and appreciation of visual arts.