Our Mission

To promote and support the creation, the valorization, and the understanding of visual arts through awards, educational initiatives, grant programs, and arts advocacy.

A Message from the Louise Imbeault, President of the Board of Directors

Louise Imbeault

Louise Imbeault

The mandate of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is to promote the development of artists in New Brunswick and to ensure that the greatest number of citizens enjoy and appreciate contemporary art. The Directors of the SHMF are committed to managing the wonderful legacy of Sheila Hugh Mackay in the best interests of the visual artists and craftspeople of the province.

In Sheila’s spirit, we are working to make NB a province where artists are supported, understood and valued. The Foundation cannot and does not seek to replace the responsibility of the federal and provincial governments, nor the work of public institutions or professionals who work in the visual arts sector. But we can and wish to be active partners in opening new avenues, exploring new initiatives and enriching existing resources.