2005 André Lapointe

Portrait of André Lapointe, Strathbutler Award 2005

Portrait of André Lapointe, Strathbutler Award 2005

In 2005, sculptor André Lapointe won the Strathbutler Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts. The jury was impressed with his innovative use of three dimensionality reporting that “his work has the power to alter landscapes from what the eye is accustomed to seeing, compelling the viewer to stop.” Moving from traditional mediums of clay, metal and glass, Lapointe is interested in using natural materials from New Brunswick to create his art.

As a teacher and as a community leader, Lapointe has made a significant contribution to the city of Moncton and the province of New Brunswick. His devotion to his students, his work in organizing public exhibitions and installations, his dedication and expertise in developing and implementing cultural programming have had a profound impact on his community.

Born in the Gaspé, Lapointe studied sculpture in Montréal and then moved to New Brunswick to teach at the University of Moncton. Lapointe has been involved in many sculpture symposiums which have attracted artists from around the world. In New Brunswick., his works can be seen at the Université de Moncton and at the Fédération des Caisses Populaires Acadiennes in Caraquet.

In the artist’s words

My work is like a hunter. I go to a place and I try to have a strategy for doing a form or an image with the elements of the place, using trees, sand, leaves, moss, different elements of the place. I construct an image or a form , organize the site and I do photography of the sculpture. But it’s ephemeral

(From an interview with Grant Kerr of the Telegraph Journal April 26, 2005)