2011 Strathbutler Jury Statement

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Herzl Kashetsky

Herzl Kashetsky Named 2011 Strathbutler Recipient

It is with pleasure that the members of the jury have selected Herzl Kashetsky as the recipient of the 2011 Strathbutler Award for excellence in the visual arts.

With a career spanning over thirty-five years, Kashetsky’s oeuvre has had a profound impact on the cultural fabric of New Brunswick. His rich and multi-layered works are a deep and honest exploration of the human condition. Recognized for their highly realistic style, Kashetsky’s meticulously rendered portraits, still-lives and landscapes are intense explorations of identity and place. Kashetsky engages in wide-ranging themes that, while rooted in personal experience, transcend the individual to speak of the universal themes of chaos and order, spirit and time.

The devotion and rigour Kashetsky demonstrates within his studio practice has been matched by his steadfast contribution within various communities throughout his career. His is a commitment to the ideal of art as an integral component of daily life and for this he is highly respected ambassador for the visual arts. It is the jury’s honour to be able to recognize and commend him for these with the 2011 Strathbutler Award.

His Honour, Graydon Nicholas, Lieutneant Governor of New Brunswick will present Mr. Kashetsky with the Stathbutler Award on the 9th of September at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery