Paper Doll with Anna Torma

New exhibition Paper Doll opens at the Owens Art Gallery
Friday 16 September 7:30 pm

Paper Doll.jpg

Paper Doll Invitation

Which two dimensional toy has entertained generations of children, inspired a 1943 hit song by the Mills Brothers, and is the title of a new exhibit at The Owens Art Gallery?

The Paper Doll!

A new exhibit entitled Paper Doll, at the Owens Art Gallery conceptualizes the interiority of child’s play as a fantasy world remembered, recreated and transformed. The themes of childhood, the cutout and visual perception are given new materiality and meaning by the artists in this exhibition.

This exhibition takes as its point of departure a little known archival collection of hand made paper dolls and doll clothing by poet Sylvia Plath. This show provides a space for the interplay between the Plath material and the work of seven contemporary artists. The exhibit includes an early short film by Cindy Sherman, a new immersive installation by Ed Pien, exquisite miniatures by Cybèle Young, large scale steel-cut dresses by Barb Hunt, the colourful embroideries of Anna Torma, an installation of cutouts by Jeannie Thib and the ephemeral paper doll chains of Lynne Yamamoto.

The Owens Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of Paper Doll on Friday 16 September at 7:30 pm.

Paper Doll has been curated by Anne Koval and produced with support of the Canada Council for the arts.

For more information please contact Nicole Sharp, Gallery Intern: 364.2224 or