Serim Ye

2013 Fred Ross Scholarship Serim Ye’s application portfolio illustrates all the qualities one looks for in an aspiring artist. Overall her works on paper, canvas and in clay show an impressive facility with artistic fundamentals. However, it was the visual and narrative qualities of a series of water-colours depicting memories from Ms. Ye’s childhood that[…]

Alison Willms

2012 Fred Ross Scholarship Alison Willms has been selected to receive the $4000 Fred Ross Scholarship. Currently completing her final year at Fredericton High School, Ms Willms is an active in both the Fredericton and St. Andrews art communities. She will commence an undergraduate program in Fine Arts in September, 2012. “Alison Willms has been[…]

Barbara Sarah Safran de Niverville

2011 Sheila Mackay Advanced Studies Scholarship Recipient The jury has selected Barbara Sarah Safran de Niverville of Riverview to receive the 2011 SHMF MFA Scholarship. We applaud Ms Niverville’s interest in exploring new themes and techniques in her work and building on her recent series of landscape paintings that are technically strong, but also address[…]