André Lapointe Espaces

André Lapointe, Espaces (ré)créatifs Documentary film by Didier Maigret, 50 min (Please note that the film will be presented in the original French version) Wednesday, March 27, at noon (Bring your lunch!) At Galerie d’art Louise et Reuben-Cohen Projection is free and all are welcome. Please see attached press release for more information. Download Press[…]

2013 Fred Ross Jury Statement

2013 Fred Ross Scholarship Jury Statement Serim Ye’s application portfolio illustrates all the qualities one looks for in an aspiring artist. Overall her works on paper, canvas and in clay show an impressive facility with artistic fundamentals. However, it was the visual and narrative qualities of a series of water-colours depicting memories from Ms. Ye’s[…]

2013 Scholarship Jury

Juror Biographies Lynn Wigginton’s artistic career has spanned many disciplines. Graduating from Mount Alison with a BFA, her major focus was in printmaking but following graduation she taught art in Newfoundland, worked as a graphic designer and served as assistant in the New Brunswick Museum Art Department. In 1995, in collaboration with Dr. Gregg Finley,[…]