2013 Strathbutler Jury Statement

Lithospermum Period Chair.jpg

As a textile artist, Susan Vida Judah makes an ancient art form new again.

The exquisite visual poetry of her work embodies decades of sustained mastery and a profound technical command of her medium. She explores and expands the expressive power of weaving and tapestry, incorporating elements of sculpture, installation and decorative art.

Nominator Beth Powning describes her as “a force in the artistic life of this province” and “an important contributor towards the vitality of the visual arts.” As both a teacher and artist, Judah has been deeply engaged with the cultural community and shown leadership through her participation in countless institutions, advisory committees and boards. Fellow nominator, Peter Larocque, observes that “the current strength and extent of textile art in the province is due in large part to the solid foundation she helped lay.” The members of the jury are honoured to name Susan Vida Judah the 2013 recipient of the Strathbutler Excellence Award.