A Call to Create

An innovative and collaborative project dedicated to the promotion of a vibrant and sustainable future for the Visual Arts.


With the belief that collaboration with and within the visual arts is a vital element of the eco-system of our community, our province and beyond, the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is inviting a diverse people and groups to come together at the Wu Conference Centre in Fredericton on April 4th and 5th to explore important questions like these:

  • What value does art bring to our community?
  • How can we learn from each other: artists, curators, galleries, agents, educators, students, business, policy makers and others?
  • How can we make art more accessible to everyone, everywhere?
  • How can we support and promote artists in New Brunswick and beyond?
  • How can a vibrant visual arts community benefit others?
  • What are the win-wins that we can create together?
  • What does a sustainable business model for the artist look like?
  • How can we enhance the business model of others through visual arts?
  • How do we own, create our future?
  • What actions are ready to happen that we can start now?

Today’s world has unique challenges and opportunities. Economics in the arts, in business and in government has changed dramatically in recent years. Forging a path for sustainability in the arts requires tackling the issues head-on, tapping into the strengths of many and seizing opportunities. Working with a participative and creative approach called Open Space Technology, this Call to Create will be an energizing experience where all voices are heard and individual initiative is encouraged.
For further information please contact: sheilahughmackay@nb.aibn.com