Lapointe unveils sculpture at Resurgo Place

Lapointe Tidal Bore.jpg

Strathbutler artist, André Lapointe unveils his latest piece of public sculpture “Tidal Bore” at Resurgo Place in Moncton.

The artwork, a granite sculpture representing the Tidal Bore, was funded through the City of Moncton’s Percent for Public Art Policy. The artist was selected in December 2013 as a result of an open call. André Lapointe describes the choice of subject and material: “The choice of Nara brown granite for the sculpture and Baja red pigment for the base evokes both the colour of the Petitcodiac River and the colour palette of the Resurgo (Place) building. It is through manipulating the polished icy and fossilized stone that I obtained the texture of icy water and the breaking wave.”