2015 Ross Scholarship Recipient

Rylee Hayes.JPG

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is proud to announce the 2015 recipient of the Fred Ross Scholarship.

Ms Rylee Hayes, a student of Simonds High School, has been selected by an independent panel of art professionals. This scholarship is an enduring tribute to Mr. Ross whose artistic career made a profound impact on so many.

The SHMF is grateful for the expertise of the members of the 2015 scholarship jury, Sarah Jones, Martha Ailish Moore and Phillip Savage.

Jury Statement

The Fred Ross Scholarship is a recognition of an young artist with drive and potential. Rylee Hayes’s application exhibits the passion and confidence of a committed artist deeply engaged with life around her. Her dynamic photography, fresh and original painting , experimentation with sculpture and insightful artist statement impressed the jury as hallmarks of a student mature beyond her years. With pleasure, we recommend Rylee Hayes as the 2015 recipient of the Fred Ross Scholarship.