SHMF-NBCCD Bursary 2015

1-NBCCD_Student_AwardCongratulations to Recipient of SHMF Bursary at NBCCD.

Jennifer McInnis-Wharton, was selected by the faculty of New Brunswick College of Craft and Design as the recipient of the 2015 Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Scholarship. Ms. Wharton is studying ceramics in the Graduate Studies Program, specializing in Raku firing.

NBCCD Director, Keith McAlpine said that the $2000 scholarship represents the largest and most prestigious scholarship given within the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Awarded to a student in the Graduate Studies Program, the winner must demonstrate proven skills in craft or design and exemplify excellence in his or her field of study, coupled with a history of academic achievement.

Ms. Wharton (pictured with Mr. McAlpine and Kathryn McCarroll of SHMF) enthused about her work, saying “The spontaneous patterns and colours yielded by this process are the perfect complement to my very refined forms … I end each day exhausted, rosy cheeked, covered in soot, and emanating an aura of satisfaction and campfire.”