2016 Scholarship recipients

The SHMF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2016 scholarships.

Eric Duplessis and/et Emilie Lavoie

Eric Duplessis and Emilie Lavoie

Eric Duplessis, a graduate of Bernice McNaughton High School will receive the $8000 Fred Ross Scholarship. Emilie Lavoie, a graduate of the University of Moncton will be awarded the $5000 Sheila Mackay Advanced Studies Scholarship.

The foundation gratefully acknowledges the professional assistance of Peter Laroque, John Pottle and Paul Mathieson in the 2016 independent scholarship jury process.

Eric Duplessis’ scholarship portfolio reflects a young artist ready and willing to bridge the worlds of fine arts and digital technology. His work in the award winning video for Robots East shows an impressive command of film and animation. His wide exploration of media such as pastel, Sharpie drawing and photography marks him as a student ready and eager for the opportunities of art school. Of note is Duplessis’ creative contributions to the cultural life of Bernice MacNaughton High School. In recommending Eric Duplessis for the 2016 Fred Ross Scholarship, the jury is confident that his ambition and determination will serve him well in his studies at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

As a ceramic artist, Emilie Lavoie exhibits both technical expertise and conceptual rigour. Her work in large scale installations and innovative glazing techniques serve to amplify her exploration of thematic issues such as genetic manipulation and environmental degradation. Her innovative spirit and organizational expertise characterized her recent multi-level work in fashion/performance art at the University of Moncton. In recommending Ms. Lavoie for the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Advanced Studies Scholarship, the jury recognizes an artist of exceptional creativity and drive who is ideally suited to the challenges and opportunities available to her at the prestigious Emily Carr Institute.