Plausible Space – Mathieu Léger

EXPO POP UP Wednesday April 27, 2016 5PM to 7PM

An installation of cartographic maps in a space is an act in two parts. Conceptually, this is a cluster of representations of space, occupying a space of representation. These maps flatten volumes as they themselves are flattened, and, as a device, they can occupy more, or less, volume. If we consider the content of these documents, both politically and temporally, they cease to function immediately when they are fabricated — the space they represent is continuously transforming, so are the politics. Sculpturally, the work is interested in our engagement with space, both imaginary and real, our position within it; simultaneously deconstructing and reconstructing the cultural territories we define, spaces we establish as nations, and our resulting identity.

art-actuel-gsnThe artist would like to thank the following organizations for their support:

artsnb • Fondation Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation • Conseil des arts du Canada / Canada Council for the Arts