Justin Roy

Justin Roy, who will graduate from Ecole secondaire Polyvalente Alexandre J. Savoie in June, is a young entrepreneur currently producing films locally through his video production company J.R. Visuels. He has won the provincial 2017 francophone competition Programme Le Maillon and the2016 regional competition of Radio Route 17. He is a photographer and musician and an active community volunteer. A sample of his work can be seen on the SHMF website.

Ann Manuel, Theresa MacKnight and Jared Peters described Roy’s work as thoughtful and mature. “It demonstrates an articulate understanding of image composition and spatial organization. Roy has an outstanding fluency in film techniques. Roy’s exceptional dedication, ambition and work ethic mark him as a student with great creative promise”

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the members of an independent jury of art professionals in the adjudication of this scholarship.