artLinkNB’s CATAPULT 2.0

Fredericton, September-November 2017

Deadline to apply: August 25, 2017

CATAPULT is an accelerator program for ambitious artists and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their work to market. CATAPULT aims to improve the entrepreneurial skills and business networks for its participants, and to foster and culture of entrepreneurship in New Brunswick’s arts sector. This program is specialized for the needs of artists, and includes business skills bootcamps, one-on-one coaching, and mentorships from individuals operating at the top of their field. Participants will be oriented towards export as well as local sales opportunities.

CATAPULT 2.0 will help you:

  • Articulate your career and business-related goals
  • Find strategic ways to balance creative integrity and commercial viability
  • Become familiar with business basics, like business modeling, marketing, branding, pricing and financial planning
  • Adopt the skills necessary for long-term success, like time management, outsourcing, and augmenting your capacity to monetize your work and/or time
  • Learn about accessing export markets through online sales platforms

Go to artsLinkNB for how to apply