Histoires de souche & other family stories…

À gauche|left : Alisa Arsenault, sans titre (détail|detail), 2017, installation
À droite|right: Marie Hélène Allain, Imagerie de l’héritière (détail|detail), 2016, installation

Marie Hélène Alain (Strathbutler 1996) and Alisa Arsenault

Organized in partnership with the New Brunswick Museum

January 24 to March 25 2018

Press release_Histoires

… As a senior artist looking back with gratefulness on a spiritual and artistic life, Marie Hélène Allain speaks of belonging. Her parents are thus featured in the genesis of her identity in a direct trajectory and their values are an important part of her being. Through work that honors her parents, the artist recognises that they have been a source of strength and wisdom. She reflects on the role of memory in the quest for identity: ″Human beings, aware and unsatisfied creatures that we are, want to explore, to know, to acknowledge, to transpose elements so we can invent a new life for ourselves″ …