2019 Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray
Photo: Rob Roy

Based on the recommendation of a professional jury, the Board of Directors of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation announces that Bruce Gray has been selected by a professional jury as the 2019 recipient of the $25,000 Strathbutler Award for excellence in the visual arts. Mr. Gray becomes the 25th New Brunswick artist to receive the prestigious Strathbutler, which has celebrated leaders in all genre of visual art since 1991. It is a recognition of Mr. Gray as an artist, environmentalist, teacher, mentor, juror, consultant, philanthropist – a man who has made an important and unique contribution to New Brunswick.

Working from his studio in Kars, Gray’s innovative work spans furniture, sculpture, wall murals, stained glass, architecture, drawing and lithographic sand-blast carving. His artistry resides in the fusion of a technical mastery of materials and a deeply spiritual connection with the natural world.  His wood and stone furniture, sculptures and wall murals reflect the merging of his inner artist and his skillful engineering expertise. As characterized by nominator Freeman Patterson “Bruce Gray is utterly fluent in his craft, creating works that evoke elemental concerns and powerful emotions about life and meaning.”

The Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the contributions of jurors: Anne Manuel of St. Philip’s Newfoundland, Jennifer Maclem of Ottawa, and Richard Martin of Kingston, Ontario in the adjudication of the Strathbutler Award.

Continuing a tradition established by the foundation’s founder, Sheila Mackay, the newest recipient of the Strathbutler award will be recognised at a public celebration. At the invitation of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Awards Ceremony will take place at the gallery on Queen Street, Fredericton on Thursday, September 26, at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery 5-7 pm.