A $25,000 Salute to Creativity

Theresa Macknight at Sunbury Shores

Theresa Macknight – a residence in isolation shared virtually by Sunbury Shores

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is dedicating $25,000 in Signature Grants to salute and support the creative spirit of New Brunswick visual arts organizations dealing with the challenges of the 2020 pandemic.  Social distancing necessitated the closure of traditional venues for exhibition, art education and celebration; yet art is bubbling through, thanks to the hard work and innovation of many New Brunswick art centres. SHMF 2020 Signature Technology Grants have been offered to the following organizations who have exhibited leadership in developing electronic outreach to enrich the arts community.

Ax: Sussex Arts and Culture Centre
Canadian Art Magazine
Connexion ARC
Fredericton Arts Alliance
Galerie D’art Louise et Reuben Cohen
Jones Gallery Art History Lecture Series
Owens Art Gallery
Saint John Arts Centre
Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre
Third Space Gallery
UNB Arts Centre

Leonardo and The Last Supper

Leonardo and The Last Supper
Jones Gallery Art History Lecture Series