SHMF 2022 Arts Advocacy Award

2022 Arts Advocacy Award Recipient Diana Alexander

Photo credit: Matt Brown
In the photo left to right:
Dan Steeves, SHMF director, Libby O’Hara, Past Chair SJ International Sculpture Symposium, Diana Alexander, Kathryn McCarroll, ExDir SHMF

Diana Alexander, Executive Director of the Saint John International Sculpture Symposium was honoured by the Board of Director of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation during the 35th anniversary celebrations of the foundation. The Foundation, a proud champion of the visual arts in New Brunswick, offers the Arts Advocacy Award to recognise extraordinary contributions to fostering artistic life in the province of New Brunswick.

Ms. Alexander was presented with an Arts Advocacy Award in recognition of her ten-year commitment to the creation and realization of the International Sculpture Symposium, which concludes its mission on August 10, 2022. As sponsors of this 10-year project, SHMF has relied on the leadership and vision of Ms. Alexander. Under Alexander’s leadership 38 granite sculptures have been created and placed in communities from St. Stephen to Moncton.  In addition to the public art, Alexander managed a rich educational program which remains as a valued teaching tool in the province and beyond.   Her tireless commitment to this project leaves an enduring legacy of public art within the province.

Board Vice Chairman Suzanne Hill noted that the lasting legacy of the New Brunswick Sculpture Trail is a testament to the contributions of hundreds of volunteers and sponsors rallied together by the extraordinary passion and dedication  of Ms. Alexander.  With this award, the foundation expresses its admiration and appreciation for a true arts advocate, Diana Alexander.