Amanda Fauteux

Amanda Fauteux Amanda Fauteux

Sackville based artist, Amada Fauteux was nominated for the 2022 Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship Award by Emily Falvey, director of the Owens Art Gallery who characterized Fauteux’s latest work, Terrarium, as ground-breaking conceptual art.

The jury was both intrigued and impressed by Amanda Fauteux’s collaborative approach and the international scope of her proposed new work for exhibition at Te Atamira, Tāhuna Queenstown, Aotearoa, New Zealand. The eloquence of her previous projects indicated that could create a meaningful interpretation of the impacts of colonial capitalism, especially the movement of people and the vestiges of their interactions on the landscape.  In addition, the project will examine linkages with the travels of historical New Brunswick artist, John Hammond, who worked in the gold fields of New Zealand in the 1860s, giving added emphasis to the nearness of interconnections abroad.  Her proposal also planned for the development of a new working technique, dry stone construction, which promises a significant evolution of her work. This award is a recognition of Ms. Fauteux’s career accomplishments and a support for her ongoing creative endeavours.