2023 Call for Strathbutler Nominations

The $25,000 Strathbutler Award $25,000 is one of Canada’s most lucrative and prestigious visual arts awards.  Available uniquely to New Brunswick visual artists, the Strathbutler is a recognition of an individual New Brunswick  artist’s accomplishments and impact.  This award is given biennially by the privately funded Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation (SHMF) upon the recommendation of a qualified independent jury.

The SHMF Board of Directors calls on New Brunswickers to honor artists of distinction through a nomination process from December 1st, 2022 through March 15th, 2023.  In presenting a candidate, nominators honor and celebrate visual artists who have enriched the cultural life of New Brunswick.

Strathbutler Award recipients are part of New Brunswick’s diverse cultural legacy. Since 1991, Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation has recognised exceptional New Brunswick artists with this distinction.

1991                     John Hooper                                     Sculptor

1992                     Tom Smith                                         Potter

1993                     Peter Powning                                  Potter

1994                     Kathy Hooper                                   Painter

1995                     Nel Oudemans                                 Weaver

1996                     Marie Hélène Allain                          Sculptor

1997                     Freeman Patterson                          Photographer

1998                     Roméo Savoie                                 Painter

1999                     Suzanne Hill                                    Painter

2000                     Rick Burns                                       Painter

2001                     Gerald Collins                                  Painter

2002                     Gordon Dunphy                               Wood Turner

2003                     Thaddeus Holownia                         Photographer

2004                     Janice Wright Cheney                      Multi-media

2005                     André Lapointe                                 Sculptor

2006                     Brigitte Clavette                                Metalsmith

2007                     Dan Steeves                                     Printmaker

2008                     Anna Torma                                      Fiber Artist

2009                     David Umholtz                                  Printmaker

2010                     Linda Rae Dornan                            Multi-media

2011                     Herzl Kashetsky                                Painter

2013                     Susan Vida Judah                            Weaver

2015                     Paul Mathieson                                 Painter

2017                     Herménégilde Chiasson                   Multi-Media

2019                     Bruce Gray                                        Furniture Maker/Multi-media

2021                     Mathieu Léger                                   Multi-media


Eligibility details can be found on our Strathbuter Awards page.