SHMF Director, Ann Manuel Presented with Eidlitz Award

SHMF Director, Ann Manuel

SHMF Director, Ann Manuel

Artist, arts advocate and SHMF Board Director, Ann Manuel was one of four honorees at the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre Awards Gala on Saturday, December 10th.

Sunbury Shores, Board Chair, Catherine  Hamilton kicked off the gala Awards ceremony noting that  “ At long last, pandemic protocols allow us to gather and celebrate four leaders in our creative community.  This evening is a long overdue recognition of the inestimable   contributions made by Ann Manuel, Alana Baird, Robert Van de Peer, and Evan Gill.  Each have played a critical role in forwarding the vision of Sunbury Shores to integrate natural sciences and the arts as interdependent sources of inspiration.“

Sara Brinkhurst, a representative  of the centre, presented Manuel with Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre’s iconic Eidlitz award in recognition of the enduring impact Manuel has had on the artistic and educational development of the centre.  “Manuel’s decades long involvement as an artist, art educator, mentor, patron and board member have enriched this creative community. Both in her art practice and her leadership roles, Manuel embodies the ideals of Charlotte County’s premier art centre.”

The Board of Directors of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation congratulates Ms. Manuel on this award.  She is a dedicated member of our team and we are grateful for her ongoing guidance in our efforts to best manage our resources for the advancement of the visual arts in New Brunswick.