Retiring Board Members Honoured

At the Annual General Meeting of the SHMF, retiring Board president, Louise Imbeault announced new appointments to the Board of Directors. Jason Alcorn has been elected to succeed her as president and Brigitte Clavette elected as vice president. Maurice Henri of Moncton and Ann Manuel of Fredericton were appointed as new directors of the foundation.[…]

Congratulations to Louise Imbeault

Congratulations to the chair of Board of Directors of SHMF, who has been appointed Chancellor of the University of Moncton. After a distinguished professional career and extensive volunteer involvement, Ms Louise Imbeault brings broad experience, leadership and devotion to New Brunswick to this position. See more –

Imbeault awarded The Order of Moncton

Louise Imbeault was awarded The Order of Moncton, the highest honour of the City of Moncton. The object of this award is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated excellence and achievement and who have made outstanding contributions to the social, cultural or economic wellbeing of Moncton and its residents. Louise Imbeault has enjoyed many roles[…]

Mueller Awarded Medal

Ingrid Mueller received the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal Ingrid Mueller, vice chairperson of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation has recently received the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for her outstanding contribution to the arts community of New Brunswick. In his presentation, Honorable Craig Leornard  MLA for Fredericton-Lincoln, praised Ms. Mueller for her long time[…]

John Murchie

John Murchie, co-ordinator of Struts Gallery and in Sackville  is a nationally respected arts advocate.  An artist and writer, Murchie’s work is in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Modern Museum of Art in New York. He has served as Director of NSCAD library and as an[…]


The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is dedicated to the service of the visual arts in the province of New Brunswick. This non profit organization supports and facilitates the development of artists and craftspeople through awards, scholarships, exhibitions, publications, acquisitions and special projects. It is an active member of the arts community working to foster an appreciation for the essential role visual arts have in the quality of life within our province.