Visions 2025: New Brunswick Arts Sector Networking Day

May 3, 2018

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation selected Visions 2025: New Brunswick Arts Sector Networking Day for a 2018 Advocacy Grant. New Brunswick boasts a dynamic and active arts ecosystem that spans the province but networking among the art sector administrators is limited. This collaborative exchange brought together key administrators and artists from many regions of New Brunswick.

Organized and hosted by Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature centre, this day of presentations and round table discussions and discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities of art centres in the creation and presentation of visual art. The participants were invited to use the day to assist them in the development of both long and short term goals and visions for the arts in their respective regions. Key to this exchange was examination of the challenges of inconsistent funding, identification of possible sustainability models and strategies for increased validation and promotion of the arts.

SHMF congratulates Claire Shiplett and Carolyn Davies of Sunbury Shores for this networking initiative. It is the sincere hope of the SHMF Board of Directors that this networking day planted many seeds that will result in the flowering of the visual arts in New Brunswick.