2023 Call for Strathbutler Nominations

The $25,000 Strathbutler Award $25,000 is one of Canada’s most lucrative and prestigious visual arts awards.  Available uniquely to New Brunswick visual artists, the Strathbutler is a recognition of an individual New Brunswick  artist’s accomplishments and impact.  This award is given biennially by the privately funded Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation (SHMF) upon the recommendation of[…]

Amanda Fauteux

Amanda Fauteux

Sackville based artist, Amada Fauteux was nominated for the 2022 Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship Award by Emily Falvey, director of the Owens Art Gallery who characterized Fauteux’s latest work, Terrarium, as ground-breaking conceptual art. The jury was both intrigued and impressed by Amanda Fauteux’s collaborative approach and the international scope of her proposed new work[…]

Photo: Ken Chorley, Hampton Town Councillor, Kathryn McCarroll, SHMF; Georgie Day Chairperson John Peters Humphrey Foundation; Neil Brodie, Project Co-Chair

2022 Signature Grant Announcement

SHMF presents a Signature Grant of $10,000 to the John Peters Humphrey Foundation to support its work in preserving a significant Hampton landmark, Credo. This sculpture, originally designed by Strathbutler artist, John Hooper is a testament to the ideals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted by Hampton native son John Peters Humphrey. Exposed[…]

2022 Arts Advocacy Award Recipient Diana Alexander

SHMF 2022 Arts Advocacy Award

Diana Alexander, Executive Director of the Saint John International Sculpture Symposium was honoured by the Board of Director of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation during the 35th anniversary celebrations of the foundation. The Foundation, a proud champion of the visual arts in New Brunswick, offers the Arts Advocacy Award to recognise extraordinary contributions to fostering[…]

Sarah Petite and Amanda Fauteux

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation 2022 Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship Award Announcement

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is delighted to distinguish the unique accomplishments of two New Brunswick mid-career artists, Amanda Fauteux and Sarah Petite. Based on the recommendations of an independent, professional jury, both artists have been selected to receive 2022  Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship Awards of $10,000.  As part of its mandate to promote the[…]