The Strathbutler Award

The $25,000 Strathbutler Award recognizes excellence in the field of fine craft or visual arts by an artist who has made a substantial contribution to the province of New Brunswick. – More Info

The Nel Oudemans Award

The Nel Oudemans Award recognizes the pursuit of excellence in the fields of fine craft and design by emerging New Brunswick artisans. It is intended to support creative growth of artists in the early stages of their careers. In conjunction with a $2,000 award, the recipient of the Nel Oudemans Award is eligible to be funded to participate in the SOFA Chicago Educational Mission, sponsored by the Craft Alliance and ACOA through the International Business Development Agreement. – More Info

Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship Award

The Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship is a biennial award of $10,000 available to New Brunswick mid-career artists and craftspeople who have distinguished themselves in the last ten years of professional practice and who propose a significant body of new work to be undertaken in a fellowship year. – More Info

Arts Advocacy Award

The $1000 Arts Advocacy Award, is an annual award celebrating the contributions of an individual or organization in the advancement of the arts in New Brunswick. In recognizing the work of others, the Board of Directors wishes to champion the efforts of those whose contribute to the quality of life in the province through their work in the arts. – More info

The Jury Process

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is proud to provide a fair and impartial adjudication process for both its awards and scholarship programs. Evaluation of all nominations and applications for the Strathbutler Award, the Nel Oudemans Award and the and Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship is done by independent juries of arts professionals. The Arts Advocacy Award is awarded on the nominations and a majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse nominations and applications that do not meet the published criteria or submission deadlines. – More Info