Nel Oudemans Award

The Nel Oudemans Award acknowledges the extraordinary contribution of Nel Oudemans.

Portrait of Nel Oudemans, Strathbutler Award 1995

Portrait of Nel Oudemans, Strathbutler Award 1995

The Nel Oudemans Award recognizes the pursuit of excellence in the fields of fine craft and design by emerging New Brunswick artisans. It is intended to support creative growth of artists in the early stages of their careers. In conjunction with a $2,000 award, the recipient of the Nel Oudemans Award is eligible to be funded to participate in the SOFA Chicago Educational Mission, sponsored by the Craft Alliance and ACOA through the International Business Development Agreement.

The award was named in honour of Fredericton weaver Nel Oudemans, who had advanced Canada’s applied arts field, as well as, fine arts and craft education in New Brunswick. Oudemans won many awards in her lifetime including the Strathbutler in 1995.

Complete list of Nel Oudemans Award past winners: