Emerging Artisan Award

_a recognition of accomplishment by emerging New Brunswick artisans

Portrait of Nel Oudemans, Strathbutler Award 1995

Portrait of Nel Oudemans, Strathbutler Award 1995

The SHMF Emerging Artisan Award recognizes accomplishments in craft and design by emerging New Brunswick artisans. This juried award is intended to support the creative growth of artists in the early stages of their careers. In conjunction with the $4,000 award, the recipient is eligible for additional funding to support an approved educational opportunity within one year of the award. Arrangements must be approved by the Executive Director of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation.

This award was established in 2002 as an enduring mark of respect for Nel Oudemans, a Fredericton-based weaver, educator, and nationally recognised leader in Canada’s applied arts field. The SHMF has maintained this award to forward Oudemans’ commitment to the encouragement of youth and the transmission of knowledge in craft and design.




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