New CBC documentary on Strathbutler Artist Brigitte Clavette

New Brunswick artist Brigitte Clavette wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She grew up in a family of humble means in Edmundston, New Brunswick, under the shadow of a church. As a silversmith, the irony is not lost on her that she has now spe​nt the last three or four decades working with a material that[…]

Documentary on Brigitte Clavette

World Premier of a documentary on Strathbutler artist Brigitte Clavette Brigitte Clavette: An Artist’s Profile – World Premiere Director: Matt Rogers/Writer: Mary Blatherwick/Producer: Mary Blatherwick, Matt Rogers, Frictive Pictures/Length: 11:10/Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2016 A profile of New Brunswick metalsmith artist and art educator, Brigitte Clavette – go to website

NB Craft Heroes

Strathbutler Artists Featured in NBCCD “NB Craft Heroes” November 14th To celebrate important contributors to the New Brunswick craft sector, the New Brunswick Crafts Council (NBCC/CMANB) is hosting a casual celebration, “NB Craft Heroes”, beginning at 6:30pm on Saturday, November 14th at Winner’s Lounge, just outside the Capital Exhibit Centre Fredericton. At this event, the[…]

Clavette to design new Strathbutler Award

Brigitte Clavette selected to design new Strathbutler Award Since 1991, New Brunswick artists of distinction from a wide range of visual arts disciplines have been honoured for their significant contributions to the cultural landscape of New Brunswick though the juried Strathbutler award. The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation has taken a leadership role in the recognition[…]