Cheney in Canadian Art Magazine

Strathbutler artist Janice Wright Cheney featured in Canadian Art Magazine … Wright Cheney’s bears are implied to be living out a gendered grief, culturally ascribed, one that seems more human than animal—though on the other hand, grief is a wild emotion, one that may well turn us into some bearish version of ourselves … The[…]

Cheney receives excellence award

Strathbutler artist, Janice Wright Cheney, receives 2013 Lt. Governor’s excellence award: “My creatures, whatever they are and whatever they are made of, must be life-size,” says Janice Wright Cheney of her current textile-based sculptures, which include grizzly bears, coyotes, rats and cockroaches. Accuracy in form and scale matter, she insists; she wants the viewer to[…]

2004 Janice Wright Cheney

I started using quite a bit of insects in my work because I was fascinated by the fact that everybody has a reaction to insects and how fear and nerves elevate as well as how a lot of superstitions come out of not really knowing about things. – Janice Wright Cheney, 2004