Best wishes to our scholarship students

Best wishes to the recipients of SHMF Scholarships as they begin their 2018 studies. Congratulations to: Justin Roy, Université de Montéal Eric Duplessis, NSCAD Amy Wren Swim, NBCCD Seamus Hays, NBCCD Jessica Arseneau, Université de Québec Elise Anne LaPlante, Université de Montréal The 2018 scholarships and bursaries are awarded on merit. They are given in[…]

Suzanne Cormier receives a SHMF Merit Bursary

Congratulations to Suzanne Cormier who was selected by the faculty of the University of Moncton to receive a SHMF Merit Bursary of $2000. Presented by SHMF president, Louise Imbeault, this bursary recognises Ms. Cormier’s accomplishments in painting and printmaking. SHMF Merit Bursaries are offered at Mount Allison University, University of Moncton and the New Brunswick[…]