… where artists are supported, understood and valued.

The Foundation

In Sheila’s spirit, we are working to make NB a province where artists are supported, understood and valued.

The Foundation cannot and does not seek to replace the responsibility of the federal and provincial governments, nor the work of public institutions or professionals who work in the visual arts sector. But we can and wish to be active partners in opening new avenues, exploring new initiatives and enriching existing resources.

Louise Imbeault, President of the Board of Directors

  • Awards

    Recognition of excellence in the visual arts.

  • Scholarships

    Support of visual arts education and professional development.

  • Grants

    Facilitation Funding and Signature Projects.

  • Arts Advocacy

    A voice championing the visual arts in New Brunswick.

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is dedicated to promoting the visual arts in New Brunswick. Since 1987, the foundation has initiated and deepened programs to celebrate and advance the cultural life of New Brunswick, with a specific focus all forms of visual art.

Message from the Director

 Fred and Foundation director, Kathryn McCarroll. Fred et directrice de la Fondation, Kathryn McCarroll.

Fred Ross and Foundation director, Kathryn McCarroll.

Under the direction of a Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to manage a wide spectrum of programs which have evolved in response to needs in the province. Recognition of excellence is done through three major awards, the Strathbutler, the Nel Oudemans and the Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship. Support for artistic education is given through scholarships and bursaries. Funding to agencies and art collectives is provided through annual facilitation grants as well as contributions to partnership opportunities. As advocates for growth, the Board of Directors undertakes signature projects to enrich the cultural climate of New Brunswick.

In the last 5 years, much work has been done to ensure professional and transparent juried processes in awards, scholarship and grant programs. I commend the diligence of the Directors in establishing clear and meaningful criteria for all programs and supporting rigorous evaluation procedures. In 2015, we worked at renewing the SHMF website to provide insight into the work we do and the avenues to access funding.

It is our hope this new website will assist visitors to learn more about the remarkable Strathbutler artists as well as significant mid-career and emerging talents who work and live in New Brunswick. We have begun a documentation of projects undertaken by the foundation, realizing that this was not done in its early years. It is with deep satisfaction the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation catalogues installations of public art, infrastructure growth in art centres and institutions of higher learning, and networking, documentation and travel opportunities for professional artists. The work of advancing the legacy of Sheila Mackay is an inspiration.

Kathryn McCarroll,