2010 Linda Rae Dornan

As we age, our personal memory repositories are full of sensorial experiences and processes lived, witnessed and dreamed. I like to gather these experiences and create moments of questioning … – Linda Rae Dorman, 2010

2007 Dan Steeves

Dan Steeves, imprimeur, remporte le prix Strathbutler, en 2007. Ce prix se veut la reconnaissance de son importante contribution aux arts visuels du Nouveau-Brunswick et à un plus vaste dialogue culturel au sein de la région. Une galerie de l’œuvre de Dan Steeves Tous les postes sur Dan Steeves Site web: www.dansteeves.com En choisissant M.[…]

2004 Janice Wright Cheney

I started using quite a bit of insects in my work because I was fascinated by the fact that everybody has a reaction to insects and how fear and nerves elevate as well as how a lot of superstitions come out of not really knowing about things. – Janice Wright Cheney, 2004