Early Signature Grants

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation supports the work of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in providing high caliber exhibitions, programming and educational opportunities to the people of New Brunswick. Notable Special Project Grants: Beaverbrook Art Gallery Boutique, Sabat Lecture Series, and the Art Edukit Program … Read More

Arts NB

  • A 2006 research project charting cultural resources in the Province

NB Foundation for the Arts

In 2005, the Board of Directors of the SHMF invested in a five year Arts and Heritage Stabilization Program spearheaded by the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts. Aimed at providing stability to arts organizations, this fund allowed for fiscal and governance review and financial aid for 10 organizations … Read More

King’s Landing

  • Moving and restoration of heritage church

New Brunswick Museum

Saint John Arts Centre

Founded by a dedicated team of volunteers in 2002, the Saint John Arts Centre has developed into a vibrant multidisciplinary venue serving the Greater Saint John area. Sheila Mackay provided early funding to the fledgling organization, believing in the need and value of a centre for artistic expression. Notable projects: the Graphic Design Studio and the Pottery Studio … Read more


Owens Art Gallery

Owens Art Gallery

The Owens Art Gallery is the oldest university art gallery in Canada. Since its opening in 1895, the gallery has served Mount Allison University as an integral component of liberal arts education and has as developed into a local, national and international visual arts institution of excellence. Some notable projects: From Bermuda Palms to Northern Pines and Studio 360º … Read More

John Peters Humphrey Foundation

  • The establishment of a John Humphrey Interpretive site in Hampton to honor the life of Humphrey who authored the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.