Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation supports the work of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in providing high caliber exhibitions, programming and educational opportunities to the people of New Brunswick.

Notable Special Project Grants:

Beaverbrook Art Gallery Boutique

Answering the need to create a boutique at the entrance to the gallery, Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation awarded funding to allow for a modern renovation. Revenue earned through boutique sales, support the ongoing work of the gallery. Of particular interest to the foundation is the opportunity for local artist work to be showcased and sold.

Sabat Lecture Series

The SHMF is proud to be one of the many presenting sponsors of the annual Christina Sabat Memorial Lecture dedicated to meaningful cultural discourse.

The Art Edukit Program

A research grant provided resources for the creation of an online educational outreach program, Edukit provides bilingual teaching resources for educators. Using the gallery’s collection of international and local art works, lesson plans, downloadable images and resource materials have been created to encourage creative thinking and critical appreciation of art. For full information …