Signature Grants – Art Residences

Fostering opportunities in career development.

In 2015, the Board of Directors embarked on a signature project to foster opportunities in creative residencies. Based on feed-back from the artistic community, stimulus funding was dedicated to supporting the growth of creative residencies. Working with established leaders in the province the following grants were made:

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation International Creative Residency

atrsnb-logoThe New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb) and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation partnered on a pilot artist in residence project. A $10,000 grant was made to artsnb to create an opportunity for professional New Brunswick visual artists to participate in a creation-based professional development project.

flags-grants2016flags-grantsGrants were awarded by a jury of professional artists to following recipients:
Mathieu Léger for a residency in Belgium
Nick Paul for a residency in the USA
Danielle Hogan for a residency in the Spain

Jules Forgues for a residency in Japan
Leah Garnett for a residency in County Cork, Ireland
Mathieu Léger for a residency in Geneva, Switzerland

New Brunswick Art-Run-Centres’ Visiting Artists Programs

Each of the five provincially recognized Artist-Run-Centres has been working to develop programs for the hosting of visiting artists. Exposure to different art practices provides enrichment for local communities as well as an opportunity for work and reflection for visiting artists. Atelier d’estampe Imago, Connexion ARC, Galerie Sans Nom, Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre and Third Space were each granted $2000 to support a 2015 residency in their community.

  • Tanya Busse, an international video and installation artist based in Norway
  • Andrew John Milne, a Winnipeg based interdisciplinary artist travelling with his mobile new media exhibition Museum of New Ideas
  • Kristen McCrea, a Toronto based multi-media artist who exhibited Werewolf Ladies
  • Erika Adams, a Master Printer currently teaching at Concordia University in Montreal
  • D’Arcy Wilson, an interdisciplinary artist who is also an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus
  • Olya Zarapina, a Montreal based installation artist