Sheila Grant 2014 – CCCTS

The Creation and Installation “De circle en ellipse” in Tracadie-Sheila

De cercle en ellipse; Denis Lanteigne

De cercle en ellipse; Denis Lanteigne

SHMF is proud to have served the people of Tracadie-Sheila in creation and the installation of the commemorative work « DE CERCLE EN ELLIPSE » by the artist Denis Lanteigne. The Commision consultative de la culture of Tracadie-Sheila partnered with Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation to develop public art in the heart of the municipality. The cultural affairs officer of Grand Tracadie-Sheila, Anngy Mallais, oversaw this project. Ms. Mallais, who has developed and implemented a strategic plan for the cultural vitality of the eighteen local service districts of the region of Tracadie-Sheila managed a design competition for a signature sculpture on the Caraquet waterfront. In the fall of 2014, Mr. Lanteigne’s sculpture “De circle en ellipse was installed.

Denis Lanteigne attends official ribbon cutting ceremony

Artist attends official ribbon cutting ceremony

Denis Lanteigne attends official ribbon cutting ceremony the symbolic sculpture created in commemoration of the creation of the new regional municipality of Tracadie-Sheila.
Left to right:
Kenneth Savoy, Président of Centre-Ville (Tracadie-Sheila), Inc.;
Anngy Mallais, Co-ordinator of Commission consultative de la culture de Tracadie-Sheila Inc. (CCCTS)
Louise Imbeault, President of the Board of Directors of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation;
Jean-Yves McGraw, President de la CCCTS and municipal counsellor;
Aldéoda Losier, Mayor of Tracadie Sheila;
Denis Lanteigne, artist

Denis Lanteigne: Artist Statement

The oval shape symbolizes the transformation of a circle launched into space: it adapts and stretches out under the force of velocity. The town as it formerly existed, as a stable circle, is broadened by the new components grafted onto it; the dynamics change and there is now an opening to others. The circle grows, stretches, propels itself to make a leap into time. This work is a minimalist-style illustration of an entity projected into a new movement. The entity is shaped by the determination of its components. The tilted stakes leaning toward the centre are a metaphor for the 18 districts forming a protective outline, a palisade to shelter the new town!

The two forces interact with the whole and constitute its dynamic destiny. The new town contains within itself its past and present and can now look forward to the future.

People from our community and elsewhere are invited to enter and move about within the circle to sense the growing strength of this new municipality.