2018 Sheilas

… chosen for their promise to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of visual arts …

In 2018, SHMF invited applications for projects that would projects that will provide meaningful networking and educational opportunities for the visual arts sector in New Brunswick. The Board of Directors is grateful for the professional assistance of jurors Paul Mathieson, Shannon Merrifield and Darren McLeod for their recommendations of the following initiatives:

New Brunswick International Sculpture Symposium Internship and Education Program

$20,000 granted to support the internship and education program of the 2018 New Brunswick International Sculpture Symposium. From August 9 until September 22 a fusion of Canadian and international artists will transform the Saint John waterfront into an open sculpture studio. Four Canadian artists, Patrick Sullivan, Oliver Harwood, James Boyd and Dominico Antonio Di Guglielmo will join Songul Telek of Turkey, Radoslav Slutov of Bulgaria, Anna Teresa Rasinska of Poland and Rafail Georgiev of Bulgaria in creating granite sculptures destined for locations throughout New Brunswick.

Interactive workshops around the creative process of the eight juried professionals, will provide a unique educational opportunity on many levels throughout the community. – more

Andrew and Laura McCain Gallery Project “Building a Hub of Creative Excellence”

Andrew & Laura McCain Art GalleryBuilding a Hub of Creative Excellence was a project designed to develop and extend the newly minted printmaking facility at the Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery’s River Studios in Florenceville.

In 2017, SHMF funded the creation of a printmaking studio at the River Studios. In 2018, SHMF offered a second grant to support the growth of this newly opened studio. Funds were dedicated to bringing master printers to Florenceville to serve as mentors and teachers at the printmaking studio.

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre’s mentorship program “In Process Creative Intensives”

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature CentreIn Process Creative Studios at Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Centre was a program dedicated to professional artists in the developmental stages of new work. Two Strathbutler artists, Janice Wright Cheney and Brigitte Clavette served as facilitators during intensive weekend workshops. They provided technical support and lead groups in peer critique. A focus group for metalsmiths was offered in July followed by a multi-disciplinary workshop in August. This project, offered professional artists a private, supportive environment to work at a conceptual level as well as fostering ongoing creative collaboration.

In 2019, Sheila grants will be available on a competitive basis to arts organizations proposing innovative projects that will enhance the presentation, curation, documentation, and promotion of contemporary work.

Juror Bios

Darren McLeod has been a  development and fundraising professional for many years and is currently working in the major gifts capacity with the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation. He has held positions in development, marketing, and communications with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. He committed to growth and sustainability in the arts and cultural sector and is serving as the current Chair of the Saint John Community Arts Board.

Shannon Merrifield is a potter, an arts entrepreneur and a committed arts advocate. After graduating from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, she co-founded Buckland Merrifield Gallery, a showcase of New Brunswick fine craft and art. In 2017, Merrifield was appointed chair of the Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Museum

Paul Mathieson is a painter who has spent his career making art in New Brunswick since emigrating from England. An esteemed art educator, he devotes his time to painting and music following his retirement but continues to serve the arts community through a variety of volunteer roles. In 2015 Mathieson received the Strathbutler Excellence Award honouring his achievements as a painter and contributions as an art educator and mentor.