Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship

Marie Hélène Allain

The Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship is a biennial award of $10,000 available to New Brunswick mid-career artists and craftspeople. It is given on the recommendation of an independent jury who select artists who have distinguished themselves in the last ten years of professional practice and who propose a significant body of new work to be undertaken in a fellowship year.

Named in honour of Acadian artist Marie Hélène Allain, this fellowship is intended to support creative exploration and innovation. After being selected as a Strathbutler artist, Allain was appointed as a director of the foundation by Sheila Mackay and was a leader in its development. Allain, whose career exemplifies creative exploration, pursuit of excellence and life-long learning, was a champion for professional artists throughout her three terms of leadership.

The creation of the Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship is a response to the articulated needs of mid-career artists. It is designed to support and promote mid-career artists whose works show potential. The Marie Hélène Allain Fellowship is intended to support the artist in pursuit of excellence by providing funds to assist the artist in the realization or presentation of a new body of work.

At the core of this funding is the belief that artists need creative freedom to explore new ideas through such opportunities as travel, mentorship, networking and dedicated time to artistic exploration.


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