Arts Advocacy

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is an advocate for the creation, promotion and appreciation of visual arts.

Since 1987, the foundation has worked to advance the visual arts as an essential element in quality of life. The visual arts embrace a broad spectrum of media but at their heart is the distinctive, individual expression of artists which enriches all. SHMF’s vision is to foster an exceptional culture in the province of New Brunswick.

As a dedicated advocates for the arts, members of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation work in partnership with many to support creativity. Through symposia, educational programming, and creative networking seminars we strive to advance appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. We work collaboratively in strategic planning with provincial and national organizations.

Each year, the Board of Directors gives an Arts Advocacy Award to recognize others whose work has made a significant impact on the cultural evolution of the province. Read more

Notable Arts Advocacy Projects: