SHMF International Residency

The Sheila Hugh Mackay International Creative Residency is an initiative aimed at the advancement of the careers of professional New Brunswick visual artists. Bursary funds of up to 10,000.00 are made available through this juried program to:

  • Encourage artists to develop their skills by giving them access to stimulating new cultural environments
  • Promote the exchange of artistic views and contribute to the establishment of lasting ties between artists and international communities
  • Support the creation of new work
  • Provide access to advanced training

Providing funds for creative exploration is an investment in the professional growth of New Brunswick artists.

SHMF International Residency Application


Congratulations to past recipients:


Amanda Fauteux for a residency in United States



ItalyAnna Torma for a residency in Italy



Mathieu Léger for a residency in Belgium

Nick Paul for a residency in the USA

Danielle Hogan for a residency in the Spain



Jules Forgues for a residency in Japan

Leah Garnett for a residency in County Cork, Ireland

Mathieu Léger for a residency in Geneva, Switzerland