2016 International Sculpture Symposium


New Brunswick International Sculpture Symposium 2016 was awarded $20,000 for the delivery of an educational program in conjunction with the 6 week creation component of the sculpture symposium. Building on the work done in 2014, Sculpture Saint John, Executive Director, Diana Alexander stated that education was the core of the symposium. Programming included professional sessions for the artists, elementary, middle and high school tours, a mentorship program of six interns, an interpretation centre, guided walking tours, brochures, maps and assorted workshops in metal, bronze, clay, wood and stone.

Held on the waterfront of Saint John Harbour from August 4th to September 17th, 2016, the public was granted free admission to massive outdoor studio where 8 sculptures were created from New Brunswick granite.

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation would like to acknowledge the generosity of the artists who not only worked on their creations, but gave countless hours to the education program associated with this open studio concept. Fetiye Boudevin, from France, Jim Boyd of Hampton, Julie Glaspy a New Brunswick artist now living in British Columbia, Janine Kortz-Waintrop from France, Alessio Ranaldi from Italy, Jesse Salisbury from the United States, Vasilis Vasili from Greece and Catherine Leva from France all inspired visitors and provided mentorship for 6 interns, Angus Boyd, Maggie Higgins, Mark Pitcher, Stu Ryan, Philip Savage, and Glenn Swanson.

30,000 visitors came to witness the evolution of boulders into pieces of public art that are destined for many New Brunswick communities. Generations of people will benefit from the legacy of artwork created during the symposium. This highly visible symposium has created a deeper understanding and appreciation of contemporary stone sculpting.

Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation salutes the staff, sponsors and volunteers for their vision and hard work in creating and sustaining this highly visible symposium.