Patterson Awarded Eidlitz

Strathbutler Artist Freeman Patterson to be honored with the Sunbury Shores Eidlitz Award.


On Saturday July 19th at 7:30pm, Freeman Patterson will accept the Eidlitz award at the newly renovated Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre. The award, named after Sunbury Shores’ founder Mrs Dorothy Meigs Eidlitz, celebrates individuals or organizations whose work exhibits a profound appreciation and understanding of the harmony between the natural sciences and the arts.

In recognizing the international impact Patterson has made, through his photography and writing, Director Jamie Steele characterizes Freeman Patterson as an artist who has spent a lifetime helping people to “see” the world around them.

The Awards Gala will take place at Sunbury Shores’ newly renovated facility at 139 Water Street. Tickets for this Saturday July 19th event are $30 and are available at Sunbury Shores.