Work of Paul Mathieson

The Tunnel Series 2003

The Tunnel Series 2003

1. The Tunnel Series

Acrylic on Canvas
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB
Panel 1- The Tunnel (42”x 42”)
Panel 2- The Subway (42” x 48”)
Panel 3 – Double Tunnel (42”x 42”)

Mathieson is evolving the ancient tradition of triptych painting as a means of expanding an idea. The panels are connected in theme and though they are narrative, they are not literal or illustrative. The tri panel format forces the observer to work intellectually, forwards and backwards in pursuit of understanding.

2. The Changing Room

Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection, Saint John, NB

An observation of vanity, sexuality and consumerism, The Changing Room is part of a series “Notes from a Room”. It reflects Mathieson’s keen observational skills and visual memory which inform his provocative reflections on modern life and mores.

3. Back of Quinpool

Acrylic on Canvas
32” x 48”
Private Collection, Saint John, NB

4. Barrington Street

Acrylic on Canvas
30”x 50”
Private Collection, Saint John, NB

Mathieson’s canvases teem with the daily business of life. Both Back of Quinpool and Barrington Street are examples of his work that reflect his intense visual memory, which he translates into provocative panoramas of contemporary life. These street scenes explore the joys of creative expression through music, dance and visual art and juxtapose people open to their enrichments with those who hurry by on unknowable personal journeys and those who are lost in society.

5. The Wall

Acrylic on Canvas
30” x 50”
Collection: The Artist

Mathieson’s iconography is informed by both a rich knowledge of art history and a fascination with modern culture. A master of composition, both formal and experimental, Mathieson challenges the observer through a complex presentation of images and ideas.