2017 Strathbutler Welcome

On behalf of the members of the Board of Directors of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, I am delighted to join with the Aberdeen Cultural Centre and all gathered here this evening to honor Herménégilde Chiasson. The foundation is thrilled with René Légère’s invitation to present Mr. Chiasson with the 2017 Strathbutler Award here during the official opening of “Depuis 50 ans/For 50 Years”. This exhibition is a showcase of Mr. Chiasson’s creative outpouring as well as a kind of homecoming since he has played a key role in the visioning and creation of this cherished venue.

The Strathbutler is a recognition of personal excellence and a significant contribution to New Brunswick. It is given on the recommendation of an independent jury of professionals and symbolized by the iconic dirk, Manu Forti, handcrafted by Brigitte Clavette.

We are delighted to welcome to Her Honor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick to this special homage for a celebrated Acadian artist. Through the Strathbutler, the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation expresses admiration, respect and gratitude to a great New Brunswick artist, a statesman and an arts advocate – Herménégilde Chiasson.

Louise Imbeault, présidente, SHMF

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation’s recognition of the Acadian artist Herménégilde Chiasson is undeniably reflected in the Aberdeen Cultural Center. With many of his friends and fellow artists, Herménégilde Chiasson was a driving force in the creation of the Aberdeen Cultural Center, a place that he has frequented and transformed.

Today, after more than thirty years of cultural activities in Moncton and in New Brunswick, the Aberdeen Cultural Center has become one of the most important cultural and creative infrastructures in province and in Canada. It is thanks to the audacity and flair of a small group of artists that could today be best described as visionaries and revolutionaries. Thank you, Herménégilde. Congratulations from us all on this tribute being paid to you by the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation.

René Légère, directeur général, Centre culturel Aberdeen