$10,000 Signature Grant to New Brunswick Museum

Bruce Gray - Earth | Photo: Rob Roy

Bruce Gray – Earth
Photo: Rob Roy

Bruce Gray

SHMF is pleased to announce its annual Signature grant of $10,000 to the New Brunswick Museum in support of the permanent collection of work by Strathbutler artists. The Strathbutler collection, managed by Peter Larocque, NBM Art Curator, features work in a broad range of artistic media, created by artists recognized for career excellence and significant contribution to the cultural community of the province and the nation as a whole.

The most recent acquisition funded through this partnership is a work entitled Earth by the 2019 Strathbutler artist, Bruce Gray, of Kars, NB. Earth is Gray’s most recent work – a coffee table made from a unique piece of live-edge, curly yellow birch accented with granite, sand and deer antler. It is characterized by Curator Laroque as “a powerful piece that transcends the boundaries between art and craft compelling the viewer to reconsider some of the traditional definitions that characterize the visual arts in New Brunswick.

> New Brunswick Museum – An exceptional table by Bruce Gray recently added to New Brunswick Museum’s Sheila Hugh Mackay Collection of Strathbutler Award Winners