2002 Gordon Dunphy

This is what’s important to try to catch — that spirit that trees have, especially big old hardwood trees, and if I can catch that and make it look simple, the best forms are those that look as if they just happened … – Gordon Dunphy, 2002

2001 Gerard Collins

Art critic Murray Littlejohn noted that Collins mocks the trend to reduce art to a decorative role in society, robbing it of its cognitive value. His landscapes and portraits prompt the viewer to challenge the importance of money and technology in modern life. – 2001

1998 Roméo Savoie

I say this for the sole reason that I want to make it clear that making art is a very difficult profession because it deals with what is not obvious, in what is hidden in one’s emotions, it deals with life itself and everyone knows that life is unpredictable, that it reveals its secrets bit by bit, that nothing is clear, ever. – Roméo Savoie, 1998

1997 Freeman Patterson

This awareness now forms the central core of my work. The abstracting of visual elements in order to recognise their particularity has become automatic; but seeing, combining and creating them as integrated “wholes”, will remain a life-long challenge. – Freeman Patterson, 1997

1996 Marie Hélène Allain

I have always been fascinated with found objects, particularly objects that nature, time or human work has eroded and that wear their history etched in the folds of their skin, so to speak. – Marie Hélène Allain, 1996