Print resources made available by symposium speakers

Aaran Milrad

An international expert in legal aspects of intellectual property, Aaron Milrad will present a lecture focused on the needs and concerns of visual artists. Milrad’s vast experiences as a lawyer, author and arts advocate will make this an exciting and valuable session for artists and arts agencies.

  1. Copyright Talk – Powerpoint
  2. Proposed Amendments to the Copyright Act – PDF

Vanessa Moeller

Vanessa Moeller, Deputy Managing Director of artsnb that will focus on strategies for writing effective grant applications.

Vanessa Moeller joined the New Brunswick Arts Board as Deputy Managing Director in 2006. A professional writer, Moeller completed her BA, BEd and MA in Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick. Her first book, Our Extraordinary Monsters, was published in 2009 by Signature Editions. She has been an active advocate for the arts in New Brunswick ever since joining artsnb.

  1. Transcription of Moeller’s Question and Answer Period – PDF