2013 Strathbutler Application Guidelines

Draw Me a Monster _2004_134x150cm.jpg

Draw Me a Monster; Anna Torma

Jetsam Red Tide 3.jpg

Jetsam Red Tide 3; Suzanne Hill

Gordon Dunphy 003.jpg

Turned Vase 003; Gordon Dunphy

The Strathbutler Award is a biennial award of $25,000 which recognizes artists and craftspeople who have achieved excellence in their field while having made a substantial contribution over a significant period of time in the province of New Brunswick.

2013 Strathbutler Award Application Guidelines

Consideration for the Strathbutler Award will be given to both nominations and applications. All submissions will be evaluated by an independent jury of arts professionals, recognised as such by their peers. Applications will be judged on artistic merit, contribution to visual arts and crafts in New Brunswick and contribution to the greater community. Applications may be made in English or French.

Eligibility Criteria

Artists must have resided in New Brunswick for at least five (5) consecutive calendar years immediately prior to submission

Artists must meet the definition of a professional artist, an artist who:

  • has specialized training in the field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
  • produced an independent body of work
  • made at least three (3) public presentations of work in a professional context in the past ten (10) years

2013 Submission Deadline

Completed submissions for 2013 Strathbutler Award, (including all supporting material) must be postmarked on or before the deadline of January 15, 2013. Late or incomplete applications or nominations will not be accepted. The Foundation can not accept applications or nominations by fax or email.

Download PDF for further details: 2013 Strathbutler Application