Artist Design Submissions


Press Release February 19, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation invites submissions from New Brunswick artists/ artisans for the creation of an iconic presentation piece to be used as the symbol of the Foundation’s signature Strathbutler Award. At the request of the artistic community, the deadline for design submissions has been extended to March 13th.

This competition for the design and creation of the Strathbutler Award is open to all New Brunswick artists/artisans. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel senior artist professionals, who will select a shortlist of finalists. Each finalist will be invited to submit a fully detailed proposal and paid a $500.00 design fee. All rights to the selected design will be the property of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation.

Since 1991, the Strathbutler Award has been given in recognition of excellence in the visual arts of New Brunswick. Artists of distinction from a wide range of visual arts disciplines have been recognized for their artistic legacies and for their significant contributions to the cultural landscape of New Brunswick. In addition to the $25,000 award, all Strathbutler artists will henceforth receive symbolic recognition of their achievement with this iconic object. The new presentation piece will be unveiled at the 2015 Strathbutler Gala.

Louise Imbeault, chair of the SHMF, noted that feedback from recent public consultations reinforced respect and appreciation for the Strathbutler Award within the province. “We would like to offer a tangible mark of respect to all past and future Strathbutler artists. We look forward to the creative ideas of New Brunswick artists in this design competition”

A design fee of $2,500.00 will be paid to the selected artist. The fabrication costs for approximately 40
presentation pieces will be negotiated with designer. Managing a cost effective production plan for the
realization of the design is a significant element of the competition. A maximum budget for the production of the objects is set at $6000.00.

Deadline for Initial Submissions: March 13, 2015

Contents of Initial Proposals:

All submissions must be sent as paper copies. No email submissions will be accepted. The desired elements are:

  • A written statement of the artist’s concept
  • Clearly labeled sketches or drawings of the concept, including the dimensions and materials to be used in the creation of the object
  • A brief description of the fabrication process to be used and estimated unit production cost
  • Samples of previous work at your discretion (please provide a PC compatible disc with digital images)
  • An artist’s CV